Enjoy the benefits of your data by sharing, using and updating it easily from a single model. The Valos platform enables real multi-user access to your data through countless automatically cross-compatible Valos Apps without the need for conversions from one data format to another.

Manage models and control user access by assigning specific rights to each model.

Develop Valos Apps using the FREE SDK which allows you to start creating content immediately by providing common base functionality out of the box.

Find the perfect Valos App for your specific need, no need to license massive software suites. Flexible pay-per-use license options from hours to years are available.




The Platform

A real conversion free collaboration environment where any number of parties can collaborate in real-time using various compatible Apps each suited to the party’s current needs. All parties can access the single shared model simultaneously, whenever it is most relevant to them or based on notifications anytime they need to.

The unique Valos Data Model (pat. pend.) allows Apps to introduce new object classes while still retaining compatibility. The hierarchal model and coordinate system enable versatile model handling and allow efficient handling of large models through partial model handling.

The data model allows all Apps to be compatible with each other and all existing and future models.

Building Life Cycle

The digital twin of the physical building hosted as a single model keeps the value chain unbroken. The same data that was created in the design and construction phases is used and updated during the rest of the building's life cycle once the building construction is completed. No conversions are needed.

Construction Site

Simple and easy access to the building information model allows many possibilities for improving efficiency and productivity at the construction site. As-built data can be updated as the construction progresses.


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